It’s “Out of My Hands”

When you first meet Francesca Morales, you can almost sense the energy that is humming just below the surface.  She is a woman who is in touch with herself, but also with techniques that she says “have emanated through me, and blossomed into distinct wearable art pieces all come from above.”  She goes on to say “I am blessed with the ability to intuitively, meditatively ‘let go’ and journey into another realm, trusting the Creator to guide me. It is at that point, I feel that true art comes alive.”

Image for Adorned - Festival

What inspires your designs?

Emotions, feelings of tranquility, peace, sorrow, joy, confusion and chaos—not simply feelings within myself, but the feelings that are in everyone, everywhere.  Feelings are universal energy—they can embrace us in protective ways as well as confine us in tormenting ways. I express all of that energy in metal and color and design, with hammering and fire…spirit, emotion, connectivity and healing are the essence of my art.


How did your company get the name Out of My Hands?

I was graced with an artistic family, so creativity has always been within my spirit.  I’ve been making jewelry since I was four years old. Although I’ve had a smattering of jewelry making classes over the years, and most people would say that I am largely self-taught, I would disagree.  I am in touch with the larger universe, and that both inspires me and is my guide. So, not only is my work out of my hands, it is totally “Out of My Hands.” I’m merely the vessel.

Image for Adorned - Kissed by Morning Dew.jpg

What is your favorite gemstone right now?  Why?

That varies, but right now I love blue chalcedony, the color is so calming.  And watermelon tourmaline, the beautiful combination of pink and green hues speak to the heart chakra, kindness and love.  I am also taken by crystal quartz, “it is ancient and ethereal, it is almost like a divine window that opens the universe.”

Image for Adorned - Wind

Why is jewelry the perfect gift for a mother?

“I would ask, ‘Why isn’t jewelry the perfect gift for a mother?’  Jewelry speaks, jewelry whispers, jewelry says all the things that cannot be put into words—jewelry is a celebration of love—jewelry is the perfect gift!”


What projects are you working on right now?  What is next for you?

My work is constantly evolving and finding new homes.  In addition to Adorned, my pieces are shown at the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art, The Taos Art Museum, as well as other galleries, boutiques and spas.

I also teach several different classes in various venues, ranging from colleges to women’s groups.  Alongside my jewelry journey, I was in social work for twenty-five years. Walking those parallel paths, heaven me to develop works for a series of women’s retreats.  The sessions are based upon ancient and contemporary holistic health approaches and inspirational adornment techniques. The women who attend these sessions learn not only a new art form, but to tap into their creativity, their spirituality,  which leads to being able to tap into their emotional selves in new ways. This has been therapeutic for those who are suffering from a wide range of illness and loss. The gatherings provide an opportunity to experience creativity, community and wellness, which can be transformative.  I have been teaching these as traveling retreats. I feel that what is next is to build a home for these retreated, offering a innovative healing center for women.

Image for Adorned - Hold me...

Why are you proud to be a jewelry designer at Adorned by Nomad?

Simply put, Catherine understands.  She understands everything that art is, everything that art does, everything that art can be.  She understands that jewelry is an extension of one’s soul. “I am most humbled and honored to show my work at Adorned.

Image for Adorned - Kaleidoscope

Join us on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13 at Adorned by Nomad, 1909 9th Street, Boulder, CO. We are celebrating Mother’s Day with a two day trunk show celebrating Francesca’s beautiful work. R.S.V.P here.

Artist Photo for Adorned


Joyful JuneStones

We kick off the holiday season early this year with the colorful baubles of June Lantz, owner of JuneStones. June has been making purchases from our sister store, Nomad Bead Merchants, for years. It’s been remarkable watching her build her brand, piece by piece, using high-quality gemstones, leathers and intricate beading techniques. We’re absolutely thrilled to have her in the store to give us a sneak peek of her new holiday collection. JuneStones sets up shop on Friday, November 17 at 4pm and is with us all day on Saturday, November 18. We know this gemstone junkie will not disappoint as her passion for her craft is palpable. She knows the metaphysical significance of each stone she chooses for her designs, weaving them into harmonious symphonies that are there to help you achieve your higher self, just as much as they are there to adorn and flatter.Carnelian4and6mm-DreamAgate-Rawhide_small-COURAGE_preview

What inspires your designs?

Design inspiration is all around us, you just need to know where to look. I get taken with creative vibes by exploring the colors of the season, a mood, a need for energetic healing, an outfit that needs accessorizing, the colors of the crystals themselves.Passion_Druzy_Pink Peruvian Opals

What is your favorite gemstone right now? Why?

Pink Muscovite. Its pastel, creamy pinkish grey color is very calming to me and reminds me of old fashion rose petals. It pairs so well with a couple of my other favorite stones, Labradorite and Moonstone. And I think I’m drawn to it right now for it’s healing properties. It assists in looking forward joyfully to the future and back to the past to appreciate all the lessons that have been learned.

CUx34u5LnhkwX88rxnZn-Gyacj5atfl2HOvfgHHSeY0,moMQ1GaS_XlQkOZ89p2ohSOPawFo6or9w4PQu-OTaQo_previewYou split your time between Boulder and Hawaii. Why does each spot have a special place?

These two places couldn’t be more different. Boulder has a wonderful male energy. Rugged, jagged, sharp and extreme. I get my fix of pine forests and mountain peaks here while enjoying the open-mined, forward-thinking culture. Then Kauai has a very gentle feminine energy. Soft air, subtle perfumed fragrances from tropical flowers everywhere. You move slower, take deeper breaths, and  sleep to to the sound of crashing waves. Boulder = Mountains, Kauai = Ocean!

Black-&-Silver-Pearls-on-Metallic-Gray-Neck_small_previewDo you do any custom work? Any projects you’ve been working on lately?

I’ve been working a lot with Pearls. Pearls make me feel part of something miraculous! A simple grain of sand becomes an irritation and produces a thing of such beauty! It’s like life! An irritation or obstacle becomes an opportunity for growth and wisdom. I am particularly obsessed with black pearls right now. They have so many sheens of color, from greens and blues to pinks and purples.

IMG_9099_previewHow do you want your audience to interact with your art?

To ignite their highest vibration! And to make them smile when they look at the piece they’re wearing.


Can you tell us more about your new holiday collection?

I’m always dreaming up new designs. The seasons and holidays inspire me to play with colors that will uplift the wearer. Whether it’s to pair with that little black dress or keep you grounded and balanced during the hectic holidays.


Why did you decide to partner with Adorned this holiday season?

I absolutely adore the folks at Nomad. They were so helpful when I first started on my crystal journey and then as a jewelry designer. They know quality work and helped me become better at what I love doing. Adorned is one of the yummiest stores in Boulder with its charming way of displaying local artists’ jewelry. It’s like going on a treasure hunt and finding a precious item in every drawer! I’m honored to be included!

JuneStones joins us on Friday, November 17 from 4pm-6pm and again on Saturday, November 18 from 10am-5pm. Be sure to stop by to stock up on carefully crafted goodies for everyone on your holiday shopping list. In the meantime you can connect with June here:


Instagram: @junestonesjewelry

Facebook: @junestones

Pinterest: @JuneStones17

June 3_preview

The Understated Elegance of RuBarb Jewelry

Rubarb Jewelry is known for their simple and timeless jewelry. Their understated sparkle is one of the shop’s best sellers and it’s easy to understand why. Each of their designs is carefully constructed and balanced in such a way that each piece seems to deliver just the right amount of casual elegance. We wanted to learn more about this self-taught jewelry dream team, Barbara Gifford and Ruth Osborn, and see what made them tick. Read on to learn more about how this duo got their start.
Rubarb Tanzanite Necklace
How did you two meet? Why did you decide to start a jewelry company together?
We met, like a lot of Boulder friends, at the local health club. Our preschool daughters became buddies in the nursery and we became friends (over 20 years ago).  We each became empty nesters around the same time and were looking for something the to fill time. On a lark we took up jewelry making and then decided to join forces – thus Rubarb Jewelry was born about five years ago.
Rubarb Blue Topaz Earrings
Are either of you classically trained artists? What is your background?
Neither of us has any artistic background! It just started out as something fun to do and allowed us to explore creatively. Never did we imagine that the business would grow to the size it has!
Rubarb Moonstone Bracelet and Necklace
How do you come up with your designs?
We make jewelry that appeals to us – simple, wearable everyday with yoga pants or a night on the town.
Rubarb Jewelry - Pearl Pendant
What is your favorite gemstone right now? Why?
Ruth loves labradorite  and pearls. Labradorite appeals to her as she appreciates its remarkable play of color called labradorescence.  Barb loves any stone with a blue hue with a special passion for tanzanite.
Chalcedony Earrings by Rubarb Jewelry
Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?
Our advice – if you have an idea  just get started and stick to it – but be sure you have a passion for whatever it is you are doing.  Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas.
Pink Pearl and Rose Quartz Necklace - Rubarb Jewelry
How do you want the audience to feel when they interact with your art?
We hope that the people who wear  our jewelry feel joy when they look in the mirror.
Gold and raw diamond hoop earrings by Rubarb Jewelry
What is next for Rubarb Jewelry?
Rubarb Jewelry hopes to expand into new markets ( including out of state) and possibly build an online presence. Whatever the future holds it’s sure to have tons of creativity, openness and fun! We truly love what we do!
Rubarb Jewelry - Appetite Pendant
Why are you proud to be a jewelry designer at Adorned by Nomad?
We love being a part of Adorned. It’s a privilege to sell our creations along side of so many wonderful artists and artisans. Adorned fills a neglected niche in Boulder – a place for local artists to get known in the community.  We love that the majority of the artists are not only local but are women. It’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing talented group of people.
Ruth Osborn and Barb Gifford of Rubarb Jewelry

Viva la Vida – Frida Kahlo, an icon for our times.

This month at Adorned as we move toward the Day of the Dead on November 1, we celebrate the life and art of Frida Kahlo. Born in Mexico in 1907 to a German father and a metstiza mother, Kahlo lived a vivid and tragic life. Crippled as a child by polio and later badly injured in a streetcar accident, Frida’s life was punctuated by chronic pain and illness. Physically fragile, she was forced to abandon her aspirations to become a doctor. During her long recovery from the accident, she began to paint. Ultimately she became as well known as her husband, muralist Diego Rivera.


Frida primarily painted self-portraits. During her life she was best known as Diego’s wife; her work and her life became an area of interest for art historians and political activists in the 1970’s. Since then she has become an icon for Hispanic peoples, women and the LGBTQ movement. Frida left a lot of material to support this development – not only did she paint herself, it’s fairly clear that she carefully presented herself as a work of art by dressing largely in indigenous costume in the later part of her life. In large part, this was due to her wish to disguise her polio-damaged leg and later its absence – the long skirts presented a more attractive picture.


Existing photographic portraits of Frida show a strong and powerful personality gazing out at the camera.  It’s not hard to see why she became an icon.  She definitely exudes an “I won’t back down” attitude. She appears to be confident in her own self. Her vulnerabilities and sorrows are more visible in her paintings.

Frida_Self Portrait

I admire the paintings, I admire the woman, I admire the spirit.  




Tourmaline Dreams

Tourmaline Cabochons.jpg

It’s October and you know what that means…it’s time to celebrate October babies and one of our favorite gemstones of all time, Tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in almost every color of the rainbow and each color seems to have a different meaning. Pink is said to be the stone of fire and the heart, it heals the inner child. Watermelon tourmaline, which is a personal favorite, is worn to protect the heart. Yellow seems to promote healing from traumatic events, helps with digestion and increases focus. Black tourmaline is said to be the most powerful and healing of all the colors. You can place it on your third eye for rapid healing and put the crystal on your bedside table.

Tourmaline Crystal.png

Blue tourmaline, which is the rarest species in the tourmaline family is associated with the throat, nose and eyes. Wearing this stone heightens the senses. And lastly brown tourmaline, which at first glance might not seem to be the most attractive variety, packs a punch. This stone found in brown is supposed to be place in the east corner of your home to support the palace of health. It’s grounding and anchoring.


Although each color of this magnificent gemstone is said to serve a different purpose, there is no denying its beauty. What color speaks to you? Really that is all that matters! Plus it makes an excellent gift. We have yet to have someone return any tourmaline jewelry to the shop. We have yet to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate the stone’s beauty on some level. In fact, did you know tourmalines were once confused to be emeralds? That is how tourmaline got it’s name – meaning “mixed gem” in Sinhalese. 

Mary tourmaline sterling size 8 $179

Be sure to spoil all the October babies in your life with the gift of tourmaline. Our shop is stocked with wares locally crafted with this semi-precious stone. Not only does your purchase let your loved one know you care, but you can feel good about supporting over 40 local artists when you buy a gift at Adorned by Nomad!


The Mystique of Sapphires

Lavender Sapphire Rough

September marks the first day of fall, pumpkin spiced lattes, but most importantly it signifies the time of year where we get to ogle over sapphires! This September birthstone immediately conjures up images of a vivid dark blue corundum, but did you know sapphires are also available in yellows, pinks and purples?

Sapphires Zoom

Our fascination with this stone offend associated with nobility dates back to the Middle Ages where clergymen wore the stone to symbolize heaven. Heavenly indeed! Metaphysically this lustrous ore is synonymous with nobility, truth, sincerity and faithfulness. Fascinating to think these attributes are often associated with the usual recipients, stead-fast Virgos and balanced Libras.

Kate Middleton

Although the lure of sapphires dates back thousands of years, it’s come back into the popular conscious with the engagement of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the late nineties. Her simple, elegant and timeless sapphire engagement ring was bequeathed to her sons after her untimely death. Prince William used the ring to proposal to his now wife, Lady Kate Middleton in 2010. We’re so happy to see how this heirloom lives on in love and spirit.

Small Saphire Beads

How about you? Are you a September baby? Have a friend or loved one born this month? While most of us can’t afford a ring fit for princess, you’ll be delighted to know not only are sapphires available in a variety of colors, but they fit a wide variety of budgets. Some of the beaded sapphire necklaces we have in stock will run you less than a hundred dollars!

We hope you had just as much fun as we did finding more about folk lore around this captivating gemstone.  Be sure to continue the fun exploration and stop by the store to gawk at our stunning array of sapphires for everyone on your September birthday list.

The Karyn Sawyer Chronicles

Karen Sawyer - Gold Cuff

Karyn Sawyer is an incredible balance of fierce intelligence and beautiful aesthetics. Lucky for us, beauty is one her core beliefs and behind that passion is an avid appreciation for collecting jewelry.  Ms. Sawyer joined Adorned for a trunk show in early July and has been a staple in the shop ever since!

Karyn has been around jewels and their settings for most of her life. Her first tactile memory of the medium is watching her Italian grandfather on his jeweler’s bench. Before immigrating to the United States,  Karyn’s grandfather worked for the infamous Italian fine jewelry company Bulgari. The process, the precious stones, the design and the settings caught Karyn’s attention and she has been an astute pupil of the discipline ever since.

Karen Sawyer - Jade Carved Pin

Having an avid imagination and a good eye led Karyn to fascinating work that took her all over the world. For over 45 years she worked for NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) as a logistics manager. Being the point person on a variety of projects had Karyn traveling the world at any given moment. For example one day she was in the states and the next off to India studying monsoons. Karyn bravely charted unknown waters, lands and weather as it was her job to hit the ground running. She was responsible for launching new initiatives around the globe, collecting the right resources, staff and space to ensure the project started on time and under budget.

The expression “the world is your oyster” carries weight in Karyn’s universe as her employer had her jet-setting at every turn. She was awarded the varied cultural experience of countless countries and wherever Karyn found herself, she found jewelry! While almost any bauble will catch her attention, she does have her favorites, particularly the jewelry that can be found along the Silk Route stretching from China to the Mediterranean.  The route earned its moniker as antiquity indicates that silk was the passage’s most popular commodity.  Pieces that stand out along her journies can be found in Morocco (Bedouin and Tuareg), India, and the Himalayas.

Karen Sawyer - African Amber

Intrigued by the sparkle, Karyn always dives deeper to learn about the rich history of the wares she collects during her travels. North Africa’s story speaks to her its roots begin in Spain under the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. This notorious pair were responsible for the Spanish Inquisition which spread far beyond the walls of their kingdom. They also funded Christopher Columbus’ voyage to India in search of spices which monumentally marks the discovery of the Americas to the European audience. A time of revolation, innovation and political turmoil, the design of this era is poignant not only in beauty, but in the melding of ideologies. The design style of the Spanish goldsmiths coupled with the sensibilities of North Africa, provided for a sumptuous design.

Karyn Sawyer - Opal Pendant

Placing the jewelry that she finds in its cultural and historical context is important to Karyn and she carefully curates her extensive collection. She wants the wearer to be able to express personal style and confidence with each piece they wear.  Her wares run the gamut from rustic to sophisticated. “It’s not your mother’s costume jewelry,” she says.  “When I look real kickass, I love it! When my clothes, jewelry and grooming are all just right it’s a great feeling”.  If you ever find a moment to interact with the passionate designer, be sure to ask about her diamond ring. She commissioned the bauble using a diamond from the Golconda mine in India, the first diamond mine in existence.

Karyn has become an active member of Adorned’s fan club and the feeling is mutual. She chose to become a part of our community as she claims that our store brings a modern marketplace to Boulder where makers, collectors and buyers can be found.  She brings things that will not be seen anywhere else in Colorado.

Karyn Sawyer - Gold Earrings


Gifts of Summer

Gift giving has always been associated with the holiday season, but that hasn’t slowed us down here at Adorned. We truly believe any time of year is the perfect time to give a loved one a special token of affection. Constantly visitors from out of town come into our shop searching for that perfect goodie. They are often in town for a wedding or special event. While we’ve always been Boulder’s go-to destination for fine jewelry, we quickly realized that we needed to expand our product offering. This August we started offering a bevy of homemade gifts from local artists. You’ll be amazing at the variety and quality of all the new items once you step into the shop. In the meantime, we’re here to give you a sneak peak of some of the beautiful new goodies we have to offer.

Laura Konkol of Uffda Embroidery weaves small kitschy embroidery loops with fun sayings.  We appreciate her sense of humor and her aesthetic. One of our best sellers is her mountain range pieces that loudly proclaim our city’s name. A favorite for many reasons as it lets our customers bring home a souvenir to their loved ones, but also astounding to watch her paint the mountains with her tiny threads.

Hike More_Worry Less

Uffda Embroidery

If embroidery is not your thing, perhaps a nice candle will make the perfect hostess gift. We’re slightly obsessed with Magic Fairy Candles of Longmont, Colorado. She offers items that pack a metaphysical punch in her Intentional Life collection. Each candle comes with a crystal that is yours for the keeping once the wax is gone. Another bonus? The candles are soy based so can be used as a nourishing hand or body lotion when warm. All of the flavors are delightful, but Self Love seems to be a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love the soothing scent of rose sandalwood?

Magic Fairy Candles - Self Love

Magic Fairy Candles

Are you staying with a friend who has kids? Not to worry as we have recently put together a ‘grandma drawer’ stocked with goodies such as hand-made teething rings, amber jewelry and breast feeding necklaces. In addition to these treasures, we can’t seem to keep these adorable rubber ducky soaps in stock for very long. We understand why! These playful and nostalgic beauties are hand-carved by The Charming Frog.

The Charming Frog - Rubber Ducky Soap

The Charming Frog

We’ll never stop selling fine jewelry, but it’s been a lot of fun expanding our gift collection. Many customers come into to find something for themselves and usually end up leaving with a small favor for a friend.  No matter the reason for your visit, you’ll always be treated like family at Adorned by Nomad. We pride ourselves on being Boulder’s best gift shop and fine jewelry store.

Potpourri Satchels from Catherine Phillips

Potpourri Satchels from Catherine Phillips


Your Same Tribe

Mary Rose is a story teller, truth seeker and highly compassionate soul that has built her tribe with love and care. Inspired by one of her icons, Carrie Fisher, the company received its nomenclature from one of Ms. Fisher’s most memorable quotes:

Years ago, there were tribes that roamed the earth, and every tribe had a magic person. Well, now, as you know, all the tribes have dispersed, but every so often you meet a magic person, and every so often, you meet someone from your tribe.”

Mary loves the idea of choosing your own family, your own tribe, and that is exactly what she has done with her art and her community.  Her jewelry tells stories of love and metaphysical compassion that she can share with her constituents. As one of Adorned most beloved fearless leaders she quickly earned the title of Artist Wrangler. Not only is she busy creating and promoting her own work, but became a partner of Adorned by Nomad, in order to build community and show support to her ever-growing tribe.

I had the opportunity to chat with Mary Rose and get a better idea of how she makes it all happen in a day. This highly educated humble matron of Boulder is exactly how you’d let her jewelry describe her: sophisticated and unexpected.

Baroque Pearl Earrings - Adorned by Nomad

With a high profile success career in publishing, one has to ask – How did you get started making jewelry?

Well much like my company name proclaims, I have a very tight-knit family of friends. Unfortunately my one friend had a very ill child and she was making jewelry just to keep herself and her kids going. She needed help. She taught me a few techniques, and we made jewelry together for a few years. It became a hobby, and after a while, my main vocation. I immersed myself in the subject by taking lessons or by pouring over trade publications for hours.  I slowly learned the skills I needed to build beautiful art. Believe it or not, I learned how to craft my most popular item in the shop, hoop earrings, by teaching myself how to hammer the hoops from a magazine article! I love making jewelry as it’s expressive and sometimes therapeutic. Hammering is a lot of fun.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I am drawn to color and texture.  I love the way that certain colors sing together in harmony as they become more than a sum of their parts. It’s hard for me to describe my aesthetic as my work is a product of the meditative process of jewelry making. The root word for ‘bead’ and ‘prayer’ are the same in most languages which resonates with me entirely. I love getting lost in my work.

What inspires your designs?

Color, texture, and the interplay of the stones always inspire my creations. I also try to think about the person who will be wearing a piece of mine. I hope that it will bring the wearer pleasure and compliments.

Peridot Necklace by Mary Rose - Adorned by Nomad

What is your favorite piece you’ve created?

I have some exquisite peridot that has been cut in a chunky, graduated fashion. In fact, I have bought three different grades of this particular cut of stone. When laid out side-by-side, you could tell that they had been cut by the same person.  My vendor told me that it was a woman who had hand-cut them all, and she still had some supplies, but didn’t want to let go of any of it. If you saw the stone in person you’d immediately understand why. Its rich green hue is a dream.

I made a necklace of one of the two strands I had of the very best grade. It wasn’t long before someone came in and ogled over the piece in the store. It turns out that this admirer was in Boulder visiting her daughter from Brazil. When she returned to her homeland apparently she couldn’t forget about the necklace she had tried on. She contacted me immediately to purchase this peridot beauty, but also asked me to craft another. Gratefully I had enough of this precious stone in stock to build one more. I can’t think of a higher compliment than being asked to rush your work overseas.
If you could have any other job in the world what would it be?

I wouldn’t necessary call jewelry design a job because it is at something I love. It doesn’t feel like work at all most of the time. I can’t imagine doing anything else! It gives me so much joy to see people in town out and about who are wearing my pieces, but don’t know that I created them. Call it a vicarious pleasure.

Affectionately named the resident Artist Wrangler, how do you select which artists you’ll be stocking in Adorned?

Jewelry submissions are curated by a committee of the owners of Adorned. Everyone in this passionate tribe has different strengths and vastly different aesthetics which helps us keep the jewelry varied and interesting.  Most importantly, we look at the quality of the work and what the design inspires in us. We’re also sensitive not to carry new work that might steal a current artist’s thunder with its similarities. Lastly merchandising has to come into play as we love jewelry, but we also need to keep the shop fresh and viable. We buy with our sales history in mind as we can fairly easily determine what will be a success in the shop and what will not.

Tourmaline Silver Ring by Mary Rose - Adorned by Nomad

Why do you believe that Adorned by Nomad is Boulder’s Best Gift Shop?

There are so many reasons! I think it’s most important to note that we are a firstmost a collaborative artistic community. We only carry local artists who have a talent for creating something unexpectedly gorgeous. We offer up these stunners in a beautiful setting that’s designed to feel like you just stepped foot in your mother’s jewelry box.  For most women it’s a memory we cherish fondly and we wanted to recreate that treasure hunt here in the store. All of our drawers are meant to be opened and each nook and cranny to be investigated. We wanted to build not only a shop, but an experience.

Another reason we stand out is our willingness to be customizable and adaptable. We worked with countless brides or mothers-to-be that are searching for the perfect wedding jewelry. We’ve helped loved ones design custom gifts for their loved ones. And most fond to my heart, we’ve also helped our clients with remembrances of those lost. Recently I crafted a custom key chain for a woman who lost her dog. As an avid animal lover I wanted to build her something that would help her remember him with joy and help ease her pain.

How does Adorned contribute to Boulder’s thriving artist community? 

Boulder is a town that appreciates art, and appreciates the hand of the maker in that art. For a town its size, a great variety of art can be found, if only you look for it. We contribute by being a nexus of need, want and opportunity to be found at predictable time and space. We are friendly, have a big table, and are happy to be a meeting place, a place where you can meet friends and sit down and try things on, and muse about what’s the perfect thing for you, for a friend, for a loved one. And then you can take it home, or give it away, or wear it every day because you love it.


Trend Setter: Emily Luebcke

Emily Luebcke of Three Arrows


Have you ever wondered about trends? Well I do, constantly! In fact, I studied Anthropology in college. This discipline picks apart our daily rituals in habits in order to better understand what motivates our behavior. Some of us, like me, need a formal education and some of us are just naturals. Emily Lubecke, owner of Three Arrows, is a self-taught artist who is consistently on trend and one of the shop’s best sellers. I’m obsessed with her hand-painted leather drop earrings and flower crowns, as are most of our customers who delight in her symphony of design. She has a magical way of creating balance between delicate seed beads and rough, raw crystals that leave us wanting more….literally. We can’t seem to keep her baubles in stock!

I needed to learn more about this fascinating artist. I’m still baffled by her natural talent, but I figured I could at very least better understand what makes her tick.

How did you become interested in jewelry? When did you start creating art?

I was raised in a very creative environment. Growing up I attended the Waldorf school where we were taught every form of art. I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the way that I did it’s easy for me to look at something and figure out how it is made. I am fully self taught.

Earrings by Emily Luebcke - Three Arrows

How would you describe your aesthetic?

The word I hear the most to describe my jewelry is dainty. It is very delicate and simple. I love working with natural fibers.

What inspires your designs?

I am inspired by nature and life. I love using things that came from the earth.

Emily Luebcke Leather Tassel Earrings

What is your favorite piece you’ve created?

At the moment I am loving working with leather so I would have to say my leather earrings.

If you weren’t a business owner and designer what job would you most like to have?

I would love to work in a wedding dress shop or be a doula.

New Zealand

Where is the most magical place you’ve ever traveled? Why?

I would have to say New Zealand. I lived there when I was 7 and it has always been a very special place for me. It is such a mystical place. It has a little bit of everything. There are vast rainforests, massive mountains, as well as many rivers and oceans. I would move back in a heartbeat. Life is so simple and sweet there.

Flower crowns by Emily Luebcke of Three Arrows

Why do you think Adorned is Boulder’s best gift shop?

Adorned has created a beautiful inviting atmosphere. When you go in you want to stay and talk with whoever is working. It’s always hard to leave. Having everything homemade makes it even more special Because you know all the love and hard work and thought that went into each piece.

What are some of the joys and challenges of being an entrepreneur?

For me it is having to sell my brand. I am a quiet humble person and I have a hard time promoting myself.

How does Adorned contribute to Boulder’s thriving artist community? 

They are so supportive and sweet. The treat you with care and make you feel inspired.

Tassel Necklaces by Emily Luebcke - Adorned by Nomad