The Understated Elegance of RuBarb Jewelry

Rubarb Jewelry is known for their simple and timeless jewelry. Their understated sparkle is one of the shop’s best sellers and it’s easy to understand why. Each of their designs is carefully constructed and balanced in such a way that each piece seems to deliver just the right amount of casual elegance. We wanted to learn more about this self-taught jewelry dream team, Barbara Gifford and Ruth Osborn, and see what made them tick. Read on to learn more about how this duo got their start.
Rubarb Tanzanite Necklace
How did you two meet? Why did you decide to start a jewelry company together?
We met, like a lot of Boulder friends, at the local health club. Our preschool daughters became buddies in the nursery and we became friends (over 20 years ago).  We each became empty nesters around the same time and were looking for something the to fill time. On a lark we took up jewelry making and then decided to join forces – thus Rubarb Jewelry was born about five years ago.
Rubarb Blue Topaz Earrings
Are either of you classically trained artists? What is your background?
Neither of us has any artistic background! It just started out as something fun to do and allowed us to explore creatively. Never did we imagine that the business would grow to the size it has!
Rubarb Moonstone Bracelet and Necklace
How do you come up with your designs?
We make jewelry that appeals to us – simple, wearable everyday with yoga pants or a night on the town.
Rubarb Jewelry - Pearl Pendant
What is your favorite gemstone right now? Why?
Ruth loves labradorite  and pearls. Labradorite appeals to her as she appreciates its remarkable play of color called labradorescence.  Barb loves any stone with a blue hue with a special passion for tanzanite.
Chalcedony Earrings by Rubarb Jewelry
Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?
Our advice – if you have an idea  just get started and stick to it – but be sure you have a passion for whatever it is you are doing.  Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas.
Pink Pearl and Rose Quartz Necklace - Rubarb Jewelry
How do you want the audience to feel when they interact with your art?
We hope that the people who wear  our jewelry feel joy when they look in the mirror.
Gold and raw diamond hoop earrings by Rubarb Jewelry
What is next for Rubarb Jewelry?
Rubarb Jewelry hopes to expand into new markets ( including out of state) and possibly build an online presence. Whatever the future holds it’s sure to have tons of creativity, openness and fun! We truly love what we do!
Rubarb Jewelry - Appetite Pendant
Why are you proud to be a jewelry designer at Adorned by Nomad?
We love being a part of Adorned. It’s a privilege to sell our creations along side of so many wonderful artists and artisans. Adorned fills a neglected niche in Boulder – a place for local artists to get known in the community.  We love that the majority of the artists are not only local but are women. It’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing talented group of people.
Ruth Osborn and Barb Gifford of Rubarb Jewelry

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